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Good design is an evolutionary process and takes time. Time to consider the homeowners’ needs. Time to pay attention to the spaces being designed and to the style, scale, light and furnishings already part of your home. And time for all the layers of colors, textures and styles to come together in a rich, satisfying harmony. Hunter Mews Designs incorporates all of these elements and provides a warm, one-on-one relationship with its clients throughout the entire design process. Our goal is to not just meet your design needs, but to provide beautiful interiors beyond your expectations.

What occurs at our first meeting?

Our first meeting is designed to acquaint ourselves with one another, to access your needs, and to discuss your project. It is the beginning of a collaboration of styles and requests with the designer’s trained eye and talents. We will discuss your project in general terms, walking through the space(s) to determine your needs. We take detailed notes, measure if needed, and gain a better understanding of what your needs are. We will also leave a copy of our contract and answer any questions you might have. We then begin drawings and research on your project and determine priorities and client needs before presenting an overall plan for your space(s).

Are we willing to work with the client’s fabrics and furniture?

We are most willing to work with your furniture, fabrics and accessories and will be happy to provide you with upholstery, repair and refinishing services. For quality control reasons, we prefer to use fabric and trim you select from our large selection of vendors and design sources, but we do make exceptions. Should you desire a new style or furniture frame, we do provide excellent quality and craftsmanship in our own custom furniture manufacturers. In addition, we pay special attention to any collections, sentimental furnishings and items unique to you – we believe in designing spaces unique to those who live in them.

Are we willing to work with your subcontractors?

Should you have carpenters, electricians, painters or any other contractor with whom you feel comfortable, we are pleased to work around them or with them on your project. However, we do require that our clients use our drapery and fabric houses, thus providing you with the quality work you deserve.

Once items have been ordered, how long a wait do you have before installations or deliveries?

Custom projects do take time. The designer will help select fabrics and trim and, once a downpayment has been received, we immediately place your order. In some cases, however, fabrics and trim are backordered. We are always aware of any delays and keep you informed at all times. Most window treatments, carpet and flooring, table skirts, pillows and other fabric projects take approximately 4-6 weeks, upholstery takes 3 weeks and furniture takes approximately 9-12 weeks. We continually check on the status of your orders and keep you informed by email or phone. Installations and deliveries are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

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